Why are my veins visible all of a sudden?

Answer not really size unless you super toothpick skinny its just blood rushing through at a higher rate the usuall or higher heat concentrationtry getting some cold air that will dialate them and make th... Read More »

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If veins become visible on the breasts does it mean you are pregnant or could it be caused by something else?

Answer Veins on the breast can be a symptom of pregnancy... it was for all of mine very early on. I don't know what else may cause that so whether you are pregnant or not you should probably conta... Read More »

Has anyone ever had pain in their legs around the knees and ankles and all of a sudden vericose veins appear almost overnight in early pregnancy?

Answer I am pregnant as well and found this information online, hope it helps! I would ask your doctor about it just to be safe though.Many women first develop varicose veins or find that they get... Read More »

Is having a sudden urge for sexual activity a sign of pregnancy I know this might sound crazy but it's not normal for me. I can be laying on the couch and all of a sudden my hormones start raging.?

Previously on every device including android based phones android tablets and also on Pcs my app was visible on android market now its not visible in search result.?