Why are my photos printing purple with full ink!?

Answer Print and evaluate a diagnostic page to see if the cartridges or printer is causing the problem.Step 1 - Print a diagnostic page 1. From the product control panel, press * and # simultaneous... Read More »

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I have bought a printer and want to start printing photos. What kind of paper do you recommend for photos.?

C'mon ... how hard is that question to answer??? ... if you bake you use baking paper ... so for photo's guess what ... use photo paper.Ok sorry ... I've had my rant ... there's different weights o... Read More »

What Is Wrong if My Kodak Printer Has Purple Hues When Printing Photographs?

When your Kodak printer is printing images with the wrong color cast, several different things can be wrong with it. However, they all lead to the same essential problem: the printer does not know ... Read More »

Printing photos from gimp?… Have a look at the above link to your printer, or go on the maker's website for more information. I've only glanced through the linked website, but didn'... Read More »

Printing photos at a store?

If you print the photos in one of those machines that you use yourself, yes, you can select the ones you want. if you just hand them the USB drive and they print it using their machines, they will... Read More »