Why are my petunias wilting?

Answer Although prized for their hardiness, several problems can contribute to petunias wilting when they should be blooming. Some of these problems are easily fixed while others are not.DroughtToo li... Read More »

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Wilting Bushes?

Healthy bushes should not wilt. Wilting bushes may indicate improper care, such as too little water, too much water, the wrong planting environment or the wrong type of soil for the plant. Diseases... Read More »

A Wilting Lilac?

Lilacs such as the Japanese tree lilac are members of the Oleaceae family. These woody ornamentals can be used as a large shrub or a small tree and produce lovely fragrant flowers. Often used as ac... Read More »

What can I do about wilting flowers?

A beautiful bouquet of cut flowers can instantly bring a smile to your face, especially if they were beauties cut from your own garden. While the flowers will eventually wilt, there are ways to pro... Read More »

My Cactus Looks Like It Is Wilting?

When a cactus looks wilted, it might be receiving improper amounts of water, need repotting, live in the wrong environment or have a disease such as fusarium wilt. To identify the cause of a wiltin... Read More »