Why are my peacocks eating their eggs?

Answer Peafowl, of which there are two species commonly kept as pets, are omnivores. These birds naturally eat plant and animal matter. Both the male (the peacock) and the female (peahen) peafowl will eat... Read More »

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How do vegetarians justify killing and eating plants/fungi and eating their eggs (i.e. fruit)?

The lack of a central nervous system basically covers that.Everyone draws the line somewhere. In western countries, most omnivores draw the line somewhere between puppies and calves. Vegetarians dr... Read More »

How to Keep Chickens from Eating Their Own Eggs?

There might be some chickens that will start to eat their own eggs. By keeping a close watch on them, you can find out if this is happening. If it is, you should take steps to make sure that they d... Read More »

Do peacocks lay eggs?

Peacocks do not lay eggs, because they are the male version of the peafowl species. The peahen, which is the female version of the peafowl, does lay eggs. Baby peafowl are called peachicks.Source:L... Read More »

Why do peacocks show their feathers?

Peacocks show their distinctive feathers to attract mates. The iridescent fans of blue and green feathers can grow up to three feet high and over six feet wide.SignificanceOnly the males are known... Read More »