Why are my mornings so depressing?

Answer same thing happens to me, my psychiatrist said cause when you wake up it's like boom you are still groggy, your brain really isn't up yet, you have to get the cobwebs out of your head......once you... Read More »

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"No good movie is depressing; all bad movies are depressing" - then what is the most depressing movie?

I don't think the quote is as obvious as it sounds (or maybe I'm just reading too much into it) lol. And I agree with it to an extent. I think he's trying to tell us that all kinds of films are wor... Read More »

As today is the most depressing day of the year, what's the most depressing song you've ever heard?

sorry...i cant recall any depressing songs.I wasnt depressed until i read your question :'(

Depressing songs?

how to disappear completelynudestreet spirit (fade out)pyramid songwe suck young bloodthe touristall by radioheadand if you want REALLY depressing music go listen to moon pix by cat power.

Why is my life so depressing?

Perhaps you spend hours online and do not realize that there is life beyond the monitor.