Whay are my hands always cold?

Answer It sounds like a circulation problem.

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Why are my hands and feet always so cold?

That is a circulation problem. It could be caused by many different things, None of us are Doctors so we cannot diagnose and prescribe anything, we can only offer advice, Mine is:You should get you... Read More »

Why are your hands nose and feet always cold?

Body temperature depends on amount of blood supply. Those parts farthest away from the heart get relatively less blood and hence feel colder.

Why are women colder than men and always seem to have cold hands?

I am a woman and am very hot. That sounds funny! Not that kinda hot. LOL! I mean my body is hot. That sounds funny too! I mean... my husband can't snuggle me very long, I make him too warm. Almost ... Read More »

How to stop my clammy hands they're always hot, sweaty, and cold. it grosses all the girls out. HELP!?

Clammy hands and excessive hand sweating is actually quite common for a lot of people. I used to think I was the only one who was sweating so much. It has something to do with a change in hormone l... Read More »