If your hands become tingly like the feeling their asleep and your hands are cold does this mean?

Answer Jessica, go see your doctor, as soon as you can. I'm serious. Don't let this go. Your life could hang in the balance. I know I am no doctor. But, I have heart problems. Your symptoms are way too fa... Read More »

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How do I make my hands cold?

Let me explain. Social people are usually relaxed, while shy people are almost always nervous and on edge, even in relaxed situations. At an early age, they develop the habit of being nervous. This... Read More »

What does it mean if my hands and feet are ice cold?

So are mine, probably poor circulation.What colour do your fingers go in the cold? If they go white, then this might be a problem called 'Raynaud's disease'.Mine go white, bur I don't have Reynaud'... Read More »

Why are my hands and feet always so cold?

That is a circulation problem. It could be caused by many different things, None of us are Doctors so we cannot diagnose and prescribe anything, we can only offer advice, Mine is:You should get you... Read More »

Cold hands and feet?

Check with your doctor for a possible thyroid problem. The thyroid regulates your bodys temperature mechanism.