Why are my google adsense earnings not getting higher?

Answer Your friend clicking your ads is killing your stats and your earnings...The clicks your friend generated will be disregarded by Google, and will eventually lead to your account being deleted, losin... Read More »

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How can I increase my earnings from Google Adsense on my blog ?

Basically, to increase earning from adsense, you need to have more traffic, higher CTR and high paid keyword1. Traffic - you shall go for SEO or SMO2. CTR: study on the ads placement/size/format3. ... Read More »

I don't see my YouTube earnings on Adsense today please help?

Hey don't worry your money is safe. As you may be aware that from April 1st, youtube is maintaining it's own earning records and will transfer the earnings to adsense at the time of payment. Youtu... Read More »

Google Adsense?

You don't have to pay Google to display AdSense on your site or blog. Google pays you for displaying the ads. With AdSense, you do not get paid on clicks. Rather, you get paid on number of views... Read More »

How to set up Google Adsense?

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