Why are my google adsense earnings not getting higher?

Answer Your friend clicking your ads is killing your stats and your earnings...The clicks your friend generated will be disregarded by Google, and will eventually lead to your account being deleted, losin... Read More »

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How can I increase my earnings from Google Adsense on my blog ?

Basically, to increase earning from adsense, you need to have more traffic, higher CTR and high paid keyword1. Traffic - you shall go for SEO or SMO2. CTR: study on the ads placement/size/format3. ... Read More »

Would google chrome ad blocker stop me from getting adsense money?

Being that it is on your own machine, I'd say no. Your adsense ads that run on your site will still be seen by others. The exception to this rule would be if some of your targeted audience has an a... Read More »

I don't see my YouTube earnings on Adsense today please help?

Hey don't worry your money is safe. As you may be aware that from April 1st, youtube is maintaining it's own earning records and will transfer the earnings to adsense at the time of payment. Youtu... Read More »

Why does comcast raise their rates all the time why don't they be like direct tv etc and just have a set price that doesn't keep getting higher and higher?

It's not Patrick Dempsey in the commercial. That's why the actor is so blurry and out of focus. It's a lame attempt by Direct TV to make you think they have a celebrity endorsement.