Why are my friends trying to convince me to not become a vegan?

Answer Firstly, to the answers before me, turning vegan during your teens does not stunt your growth. It is possible to be healthy and vegan at the same time. And yes, cavemen did exist on hunting animals... Read More »

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Convince me to be vegan?

If you do go vegan you can act like a prenentious a**hole and shove your beliefs in other peoples faces! Just like the hipsters!yay!

How to Convince Others to Let You Be Vegetarian or Vegan?

Have you decided to become a vegan or a vegetarian? Did you go to tell someone you knew, just to find that they were against it? With a little bit of persistence and determination, you can do it!

How can i convince my family to be vegan?

So you are going to believe idiotic bias sources. Did you know PETA actually kills many animals each year? Yep they are hypocrites. Meat isn't unhealthy and actually we can digest it just fine. Don... Read More »

How to convince my parents to let me go vegan?

Tell them that you value their opinion, but after learning about the process that animals go through in order to become our food, you'd prefer to get your daily nutrition from vegan products. Vegan... Read More »