Why are my dog's ears losing fur?

Answer Hair loss from a dog's ears is not only a cosmetic issue but often a medical one. Dogs should not normally lose fur from their ears, and therefore this should be checked by a veterinarian to identi... Read More »

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Why is my young calf losing hair on his legs&ears?

Hair loss on a calf can be alarming to discover. However, the hair loss is just a symptom of another underlying problem. Understanding the reasons of hair loss on calves will help you identify and ... Read More »

Why do dogs lay their ears back?

Dogs are social animals that use their body as their primary means of communication. A dog's ears in particular, can portray a vast array of emotions. Watchful owners may learn a lot by observing t... Read More »

Why do dogs flap their ears?

Ear problems are one of the most common reasons dogs are seen by veterinarians. Flapping the ears, or shaking the head, is the dog's attempt to relieve itching or discomfort in the ears. The dog ma... Read More »

Are Pig's Ears Good for dogs?

On One Hand: Dogs Love Pig's EarsPet owners love to make their dogs happy, and one way they do this is to give them pig's ears as a yummy treat. Dogs love the taste of these treats and get to satis... Read More »