Why are my dog's ears losing fur?

Answer Hair loss from a dog's ears is not only a cosmetic issue but often a medical one. Dogs should not normally lose fur from their ears, and therefore this should be checked by a veterinarian to identi... Read More »

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Why is my young calf losing hair on his legs&ears?

Hair loss on a calf can be alarming to discover. However, the hair loss is just a symptom of another underlying problem. Understanding the reasons of hair loss on calves will help you identify and ... Read More »

Are Pig Ears Safe for Dogs?

On One Hand: Pig Ears Are an All-Natural TreatPrepared correctly, pig ears are a fairly healthy treat for dogs. Most are all natural and do not contain preservatives or artificial flavors. Pig ears... Read More »

Stinky Ears in Dogs?

Stinky or sickly sweet smelling ears in dogs should not be ignored. Normal, healthy dog ears do not have an odor. If a dog's ears begin to stink, it is a sign of an infection or infestation of ear ... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Lick Ears?

Even though they cannot speak (except in Disney movies) dogs do have a variety of ways to communicate to both their owners and other dogs besides simply barking. One of these methods is to use thei... Read More »