Why are my chillies splitting as they they turn red?

Answer Roxy I think that you need to pick them just as they are turning red and let them sit for a while. Perhaps someone knows more about it than me , but I think that is the reason. Your weather is pret... Read More »

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What is the best soil for growing chillies?

Don't use ordinary Garden soil - that will contain fungus etc.We would suggest using a premium quality compost such as those listed here:

Ok, I've just been chopping chillies, and I've just scratched my balls....what fun.?

There was a reason we always told the cooks to wash their hands before using the restroom when they had been chopping the jalapenos.Sorry to hear of your discomfort.

Can you grow chillies from the seeds inside the pepper?

Answer If the seeds are not from a hybrid variety, then you can save the seed. Do this by removing the seed and drying for a few days on paper. It is best to handle chillies with rubber gloves to p... Read More »

Can jalapeno pepper be substituted for green chillies?

Yes. It depends on your recipe and what taste/how hot you want it.