Why are my cameras grainy?

Answer It depends.The camera itself could just be a very low quality. Lighting could also affect picture grain. Record in the best possible lighting conditions.

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My new camera is all grainy?

You haven't told us what you're trying to shoot. My guess is you don't have enough light in your scene.Image noise—not grain, which is a property of film—usually shows up when your shooting con... Read More »

When I play a Blu-Ray disc, it's a tad bit grainy...?

do you have a bluray disc player if you have hi def payer it will be grainy you have to use a bluray disc player plus your tv has to be bluray compatable too

Why do all HDTV LCD's seem to look so grainy/blurry?

Garbage in Garbage Out!It's all about quality of source!Before I continue I must say a few words about TV resolution!Old analog sets were 480i ... meaning 480 lines Interlaced ... ie... 240 lines i... Read More »

Nikon D80 - Grainy Pictures.?

Have you set your ISO high? That would cause noise, and that would look like grain. I'm not sure what a flash could do to add noise or grain. They usually make a picture sharper.