Why are my brake lights stuck on?

Answer While car electrical systems are notoriously complicated, the brake and lighting system is quite simple. There aren't too many opportunities for things to go wrong, making any problem generally eas... Read More »

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How to Disable the Brake Lights if You're Stuck in a Car Trunk?

Knowing how to react is the best insurance in an abduction. Escape is paramount. Follow tested advice from police and others who have trained in kidnapping and hostage situations. One simple trick ... Read More »

How to Install LED Brake Lights and Turn Lights?

The process of installing LED brake and turn lights on your vehicle is the same as installing regular halogen lights. The only difference is that an LED light assembly is required. LED lights are b... Read More »

How to Wire Brake Lights From Third Brake Light?

Customizing cars is a finicky thing. Sometimes you need to make things work when you only have limited resources. In this case, we're talking about wiring up brake lights from a single source, the ... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Emergency Brake?

Nothing can be more distressing than having something wrong with your vehicle's brakes. Having a stuck emergency brake obviously isn't as dangerous as having your brakes go out on you while driving... Read More »