Why are my YouTube channel views going down?

Answer Haha, yeah. Mine went from in the thousands to 5 now. It's not a biggy, probably just YouTube doing some updating or something. I have no idea, but I do know it'll be back soon enough. Don't worry ... Read More »

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Views on my YouTube channel?

It takes some time for YouTube to refresh the view count if it hasn't had a real significant amount of viewers. Give it a few days.

Why aren't my channel views going up?

I'm not sure about 10+ views, but what I know is youtube view count usually stuck at 316, my views used to be like this too, nothing to worry about, youtube will re-count the views again anytime soon.

Youtube decreases my channel views, huh?

that is because youtube is owned by google. and if you search for too much porn on google, youtube dont like you!

How to get more channel views on

You've got some rather nifty stuff there, whichis cool for a 14-year-old. You deserve the best of my friendly advice, so here goes:There are several things people ought to know about labelling thei... Read More »