Why are music notes written above and below the staff?

Answer Musical notes can be written above or below a staff using ledger lines, which are extensions of the five-line musical staff. They are used to make music reading easier for the eye.HistoryModern mu... Read More »

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How to Write Notes on Music Staff Paper Via the Computer?

Computers are useful not only for recording music, but also for producing written music notation. Using a computer program to write notes on music staff paper can help avoid messy handwriting and d... Read More »

What does brim mean when written in pregnancy notes?

Brim means that the baby is head down but just above the pelvis an not engaged. Until you go into labour.

How to Teach Music Notes?

The ability to read music well forms the cornerstone of solid musicianship. Whether you give private music lessons or teach vocal or instrumental classes, you can make learning notes more interesti... Read More »

What is the distance between two music notes?

The space between two notes is called an interval. The smallest interval in Western music is the half step. On a piano, the half step is moving from one note to the next available note, whether bla... Read More »