Any good recipes using mushrooms :) ?

Answer I have a friend who lives in British Columbia who gets us a ton of different mushrooms over the year for our restaurant. We get chantrelles, black trumpets, morels, matsutake and literally dozens o... Read More »

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How to Tell Good & Bad Morel Mushrooms?

Morel mushrooms are one of the most common edible mushrooms that grow wildly in the United States. According to, morels can grow between two inches and one foot tall. The mushrooms are t... Read More »

A Good and Easy Way to Grow Mushrooms With Cow Manure?

Perhaps it is fungi's dubious nature--their lack of aesthetic appeal and their potential to be poisonous--that makes them the most underrated food source in the world. Nonetheless, cultivating mush... Read More »

Can I grow mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms?

Technically you can grow mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms. You can use spores, or start with a tissue cutting. But if you've never grown mushrooms before, it's hard to grow them from store-bou... Read More »

How to Grow Mushrooms from Dried Mushrooms?

Growing mushrooms at home allows you to save money and enjoy delicious varieties of mushrooms each day with every meal. Because mushrooms do not contain the green chlorophyll that's found within ot... Read More »