Why are men at a higher risk than women for heart disease?

Answer Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. While men are more vulnerable to developing heart disease at a younger age, the Center for Disease Control (... Read More »

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Why are men at higher risk than women for heart disease?

While many of us associate heart disease as a condition that afflicts men, according to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease is the leading killer of women over 65. But are men still at a greater risk th... Read More »

How to Reduce Heart Disease Risk?

According to The Framingham Heart Study, heart disease kills about 17 million people every year worldwide and almost a million in the United States every year. Cardiovascular disease includes arter... Read More »

How HDL reduces the risk of coronary heart disease?

As a rule-of-thumb, people with higher HDL have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, there's no definitive proof that HDL has a preventative effect on CVD. Higher HDL may be ... Read More »

Is diabetes a risk factor for heart disease?

Heart disease (cardiovascular disease) is a general term that describes a number of ailments related to normal function of the heart muscle. Diabetes is a known risk factor for developing heart-rel... Read More »