Why are maple leaves red all year round?

Answer Most trees and plants have green leaves so that they can effectively carry out photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants create there own food. A few plants, such as the Japanese Maple t... Read More »

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Varieties of Maple Leaves?

The name "maple" conjures images of a stately street tree, with emerald green, five-lobed leaves shifting to blazing reds and oranges in fall. Not every maple fits this stereotype, however, and map... Read More »

How to Get Maple Leaves Fast on "MapleStory"?

"MapleStory" is a two-dimensional side-scrolling game in which you can customize your character by earning maple leaves to trade for coins, weapons and gear. Once you gather maple leaves, turn them... Read More »

Large Black Spots on Maple Leaves?

In the U.S., maple trees are found in the North Temperate Zone in a variety of sizes. Some varieties grow up to 20 feet, while others can grow as tall as 70 feet or more. Maples are deciduous trees... Read More »

Japanese Maple Tree Varieties With Red Leaves?

Native to Japan, Northeast China and Korea, Japanese maple trees are prized for their delicate features and make attractive small-tree specimens in gardens. There are hundreds of different cultivar... Read More »