Why are local TV stations blocked on direct TV?

Answer I get it on channel 811.

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Which transponder on Direct TV satellite 7s is used for local stations in Jacksonville Fl?

Ever hear of Google? check out for a list of sats transponders channels and frequencies

Direct TV When turn on TV with box it will not pull up the local channel that you want It goes to the search in the right hand lower corner You switch to a non-local channel and it connects.?

Has one of my local stations not switched to DTV yet?

look at, it will list all channels in your area (by your street address, not just zip code) who transmit digitally.

Is it possible to get local channels from a direct TV box?

Okay people asked you what CHANNEL it was on not how much it freaking COST ! like did yall get the QUESTION at all ?channel 185 or 186 its called spike