Why are little sisters so persistent?

Answer because with the safety of a big daddy they can get away with anything

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Why are big sisters mean to little sisters?

Well this is because bigger sisters feel more superior than the younger sibling which causes angel of not feeling appreciated or not payed attention by the older sister makes the younger sibling sa... Read More »

Why are little sisters so mean?

I have a little sister and a big sister. i liked it when my big sister was nice to me. I try to do this with my little sister but sometimes I want to strangle her. Ask her if there is a problem. If... Read More »

How do you deal with little sisters?

I am the youngest of three sisters and honestly theres not much you can do to keep them out of your biz for long. They will find away to annoy all day long but they can't help to want to hang out w... Read More »

Why are little sisters spoilt by parents?

No really scientific reason, and it doesn't tend to 'happen' in all families. Urmm, maybe you were spoilt when you was younger before your sister was born? But now that you have a little sister, th... Read More »