How to Attract Girls Without Being Annoying?

Answer How to be attractive to girls and women without being annoying and trying too hard. How to seduce them, and make them like you.

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Who is the most annoying in bad girls club season 6?

CHAR she is so freaking annoying she always says play with it rotate its just annoying and then when her roommates are bringing guys home she stares right at them while they do there stuff and NIKK... Read More »

OMG this is so annoying (only girls ages 10-16 answer)? at ROSSROSS "DRESS FOR LESS"the prices ranges from 1.00 to 100.00.

Guys&&Girls- do you find this annoying?

The over posting of pictures doesn't annoy me anywhere near as much as a long run-on paragraph of misspelled words and poor grammar, bitching about what people do on facebook of all places. If you ... Read More »

Guys, what are the most annoying things you find about girls?

#1 most annoying thing I find about girls: When they are in a group of people and they start to laugh really loud the second attention is taken off of them. They start to laugh louder and louder u... Read More »