What is a left handed person called?

Answer Left-handed people go by a number of nicknames, but many people refer to them as southpaws. "Southpaw" is a baseball term used to describe left-handed pitchers. The pitcher's mound in early basebal... Read More »

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Why Is a Left-Handed Pitcher Called a Southpaw?

The term southpaw is often used when describing a left-handed pitcher in American baseball. However, there is some confusion surrounding the origin of the expression. The term appears in other spor... Read More »

Why Are Some People Left Handed & Others Right?

About 85 percent of the world is right-handed. Of the remaining 15 percent, most are left-handed with a small number, about one in 100, being ambidextrous or able to use either hand to some extent.... Read More »

What is the directional name given to left-handed people?

The "directional" name given to left-handed people is "southpaw." Famous southpaws include Neil Armstrong, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Prince Charles and Leonardo Da Vinci. Left-handedness appears to be... Read More »

What Makes People Left- or Right-Handed?

Speculation abounds as to why 10 to 13 percent of the population is left-handed, despite the fact that most machinery, tools and even cultural cues favor right-handedness. There is no clear evoluti... Read More »