Why are labor unions formed?

Answer Labor unions help to protect workers from abuse by employers and to ensure industry-wide standards for employee compensation, benefits and treatment.The GuildsThe germ of the union idea dates to me... Read More »

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How are unions formed?

Unions aim to protect employees from inequitable and unlawful treatment and practices. Workers also use these labor organizations to present a unified front during negotiations with employers. Unio... Read More »

Who regulates labor unions?

The National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, regulates labor unions. It was created by the Wagner Act, which Congress passed in 1935. Prior to that, abuses were common within labor unions and compa... Read More »

Negatives of Labor Unions?

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the effect that labor unions have on everything from workers to employers to the economy in general. There is no real argument that in the early 1900s labo... Read More »

The Purpose of Labor Unions?

Labor unions are organized groups of dues-paying workers from the same or related fields who have joined together to present a collective voice in matters of negotiation. They have internally elect... Read More »