Why are labor unions formed?

Answer Labor unions help to protect workers from abuse by employers and to ensure industry-wide standards for employee compensation, benefits and treatment.The GuildsThe germ of the union idea dates to me... Read More »

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How are unions formed?

Unions aim to protect employees from inequitable and unlawful treatment and practices. Workers also use these labor organizations to present a unified front during negotiations with employers. Unio... Read More »

How Do Labor Unions Function?

A far cry from the scrappy heroes of Zola's "Germinal" and Sinclair's "The Jungle," modern labor unions in Europe and North America have become sophisticated, white-collar organizations. Although s... Read More »

Issues With Labor Unions?

Labor unions protect the rights of their members on the job. Rather than making employees compete against one another, it unites workers in common cause. Labor unions have political issues regardin... Read More »

Are labor unions good?

On One Hand: Increased Wages and SafetyLabor unions were originally created to combat terrible (and often dangerous) working conditions, as well as wages that were too low to be livable. Early on t... Read More »