Why are kids having kids?

Answer "kids" in other words teens having kids not intentionally getting pregnant it's happens because the word "sex" it make them curious because of adults make it sound like it's no big deal plus it's e... Read More »

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Has anyone sent their kids to Kids r Kids, Katy at Westheimer prkw Or any Kids r Kids scholl?

We have a few here in Central child never attended, but I did visit the school several times to consider it and it seemed to be a really good program.

If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?

No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force yo... Read More »

Should kids be having sex at ages 10-17?

Arguments For Overall, most people feel kids under 16 years old should not be having sex. If they are 15 or above, they should be allowed, as long as they are mentally mature, using protection, and... Read More »

How do I explain to my grandson that he shouldn't be having kids?

Damn it, Grandma! I rue the day I taught you how to use a computer! Stop embarrassing me on public forums or I'll refuse to further assist you with the Grandpa Euthanasia Project!