Why are kids abused?

Answer Answer Kids are abused because people want to have power over somebody. They don't care how. kids get abused because like the one before they feel they need the power and because the may be involve... Read More »

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What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

How many kids get abused in the the US?

over 30,000 reports of child abuse and neglect a year. And also Child protective service agencies nation-wide received almost 2 million reports of alleged child abuse and neglect. Three million chi... Read More »

How many adopted kids get abused?

some foster parents can be the nicest things, almost as good as the real thing. but in other cases, the foster parents can be abusive phsycally, mentally, sexually, or neglect their foster child/ch... Read More »

How many kids are abused everyday?

Although there is no way to get an exact count, I would estimate that as a total world figure for abused children, it is about a quarter of a billion.