Why are job descriptions useful?

Answer The purpose of a job description should be to clarify how a specific job fits into the company's bigger picture. Each position within a company ought to have its own job description, and that descr... Read More »

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NGO Job Descriptions?

From saving baby sea-turtles to teaching literacy in third-world countries, an NGO (non-governmental organization) launches humanitarian and ecological missions into the public conscience. An NGO--... Read More »

DCF Job Descriptions?

Those who work for DCF, or the Department of Children and Families, assist people in solving personal and family problems. They encounter cases of abuse, unemployment and disability. They must advo... Read More »

How are job descriptions created?

A job description is a tool used by employers to provide employees an organized list of responsibilities, required skills needed to do the job and how the job contributes to the organization's succ... Read More »

How to Change Job Descriptions?

Good job descriptions need to be dynamic, functional and current, according to the United States Small Business Administration. To receive the most from employees, create job descriptions that are ... Read More »