Why are jeans called dungarees?

Answer Jeans, dungarees, denims. Over the years, these words have all become interchangeable because they're all made from similar fabrics.DungareesThe word "dungarees" comes from a Hindi word "dÅ©grÄ«" f... Read More »

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What are these kind of jeans called?

Those were called "patchwork" back when I was a teen back in the 70's. We would take several pairs of jeans in several faded shades of blue, cut them up and re sew them together with the frayed ra... Read More »

What is the tear in young men's jeans called?

While there is not one specific word to denote a hole in denim, torn jeans are often called "distressed jeans" and are a style worn by many young men and women. Older, worn jeans can be reinvented ... Read More »

Who invented dungarees?

Dungarees originated with 17th century Portuguese sailors who recycled sailcloth to invent comfortable, wide work trousers that could be rolled up. The article of clothing took its name from Dongar... Read More »

What is the origin of dungarees?

Dungaree comes from the Hindi word dungari, for cotton. Dungarees were made of Indian cotton in the 1700s for sailors. They were cheap work clothes, and others began to wear them for work.Reference... Read More »