Why are iron tablets incompatible with dairy products&caffeine?

Answer Dairy products--such as milk, cheese and yogurt--can lessen the bio-availability, or bodily absorption, of iron tablets. Drinks containing caffeine can also have this negative effect on the absorpt... Read More »

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Why should you take iron tablets?

When diet alone is not sufficient to restore low iron levels in the body, doctors may prescribe iron supplementation. Iron levels can be low due to a poor diet, blood loss or poor iron absorption i... Read More »

How do I get more iron in my blood without tablets?

i never recommend tablets. Natural is always better. You might want to replenish your iron supply by taking in regularly of the following : raisins, grapes, red meat, lentils, red grape juice, s... Read More »

If i do not take iron tablets when pregnant what will happen?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

Is a Sharp TV incompatible with high definition?

In addition to its lines of standard definition televisions, Sharp produces televisions that are compatible with high definition resolutions, up to and including 1080p, the resolution that is typic... Read More »