Why are insurance rates so high?

Answer Whether insuring your health, dental work, auto, home or something else, you may find that insurance rates are very high. Several factors are at work here, some of which are within your control.Sig... Read More »

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Reasons for high birth rates and death rates in LEDC's?

If you suspend health insurance for 3 months while you are out of the country does it put anything negative in your insurance history and will you be able to get competitive rates when you return?

Answer What you need to do is see how much it will be for out of network providers in case you get hurt in another Country. Do you think that Country will pick up your medical tab if you get hurt... Read More »

Are insurance rates different by car?

According to, insurance rates are higher for more expensive vehicles and less for cheaper ones. The reason for this is simply that in the event of an accident, the cost of repairin... Read More »

Where are the best car insurance rates?

On One Hand: Insurance Quotes Have Many VariablesThere is no singe state that has the absolute lowest car insurance rates in the country. An insurance quote is made up of dozens of variables, inclu... Read More »