Why are ink cartridges so reasonably priced and totally worth it?

Answer Well, if you consider that they're more expensive than gold in equivalent weight, and still reasonably priced, I'm with you on that one.

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Why iphone is priced so high in India when its real worth is Rs.8500 in U.S.?

Are ink cartridges - NOT OEM worth buying?

I've seen 2 Canons and a Lexmark buggered-up by using rubbish compatible ink cartridges, so my advice is genuine only.

Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?

A 3rd option you might want to consider is to have a store refill your cartridge. Some outlets of Staples and Walgreens provide the service now. I didn't want to mess with the cartridge myself, so ... Read More »

Why are some HDMI cables priced £60-70 whilst some are priced £2-5 What is the difference?

Simple answering is marketing.No cable is 3000% better then an other one, no matter what it is made out of.You pay for the name, for the status, for the "peace of mind"One will be gold plated and o... Read More »