Why are ink cartridges so flippin expensive?

Answer Here's an article which sums it up fairly well:

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Why are colour ink cartridges not really more expensive than black ink cartridges?

It really depends on what you're printing as to what color ink will be used up quicker. If you're just printing black text, then the black ink will be used, but if you're printing pictures, then th... Read More »

Why are printer cartridges so expensive ...?

Printers are like gaming consoles. They are sold at a loss or break even point because the manufacturers makes their money on the ink. Just like gaming consoles are sold at a loss where the mone... Read More »

Why are printer cartridges so expensive?

So that they can recoup the losses on supplying the printers cheap - in some cases it is cheaper to dump the printer once the ink is used up and buy a new printer.

Why are printer cartridges sooo expensive?

I have heard of people who buy a new printer, and when it runs dry, trash it and buy another. It is, sometimes cheaper to do this than to buy a refill cartridge.It is, as you might guess a bit of a... Read More »