Why are inches, rather than centimetres, used to measure monitor screen sizes?

Answer First, inches have not been "abolished". It might not be the preferred method of measuring things if you're nation has gone metric, but some nations still use it regularly.It is not illegal to sel... Read More »

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What is 575 centimetres in inches?

Answer 575 cm = 226.378 inchesAnswerJust for future reference, one inch is roughly 2.5 foot being roughly 30cm.

I am having an argument with my husband, help me!How do you measure a television screen to get the inches.?

GET THE LONGEST measuring tape you can find, wrap it AROUND the entite TV at the thickest point. Then take that number, divide it into 124.573, take THAT sum and multiply it with the square root, s... Read More »

Size of a DVD Cover in Pixels and Centimetres/Inches?

Between 272mm x 184mm and 278mm x 190mm. Put that size into photoshop or something and you can also find out the amount of pixels

How to Measure Lug Nut Sizes?

Lug nuts secure the wheels to a car, and are often replaced due to rust, stripped threads or stripped points from improper wrenching with a tire iron. A new lug nut has to fit the lug bolt threadin... Read More »