Why are hybrid vehicles different from electric cars?

Answer Hybrid and electric cars are two emerging alternative forms of transportation. Electric cars run on electricity and have to be plugged in and charged. Hybrid cars use both gas and electricity.Elect... Read More »

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Are hybrid electric vehicles efficient?

Hybrid vehicles combine internal combustion engines and electric motors to increase fuel efficiency. According to Fuel Economy's 2010 Fuel Economy Guide, the most fuel efficient vehicles in the "Co... Read More »

What are hybrid electric cars?

Hybrid electric cars run on electricity or a combination of gasoline and electricity. The Earth-friendly vehicles are growing in popularity, due to the increased cost of gas and concern for the env... Read More »

How do hybrid cars compare to cars with standard engines?

While there is no question at this point that hybrid cars can offer better fuel economy in city driving, the long-term benefits and environmental impact of hybrid cars versus equivalent gas engine... Read More »

Why are hybrid cars called hybrid?

Society continues to demand energy alternatives as resources deplete and pollution increases. Hybrid vehicles are one of the many green alternatives available on the market.DefinitionHybrid, by def... Read More »