Why are humans born head downward?

Answer Evolution has worked out that this is the safest way to be born. The head is the largest part of the infant and also the part that needs to be born first due to the need to breath. When the placent... Read More »

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Are humans born naked?

No. When a woman is pregnant, they produce a secondary foetus which creates a magnetic field strong enough to cause all iron in the mother's body to form into a metal suit. This reinforced suit is ... Read More »

How long do humans carry their babies before its born?

Can pets get head lice from humans?

Pets can not get head lice from humans. Lice are species specific. Each species of lice will bite and feed on a particular mammal. There is no danger of crossover from one species to another, meani... Read More »

How big is the baby's head when its born?

It always depends on parents heads. But it is somewhere around 30-40cm. Depends also on how well developed the baby is.