Why are human beings the only species on the planet to suffer disease?

Answer Well many living beings suffer disease. However I think humans and also their domesticated animals like cats, dogs and livestock suffer disease more because of unhealthy diets and food additives.

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Is there a planet with human beings on the planet?

Yes! Did you miss the news? They just LOOK like they are desolate, lifeless planets, but really they are teeming with people just waiting to meet you.

What is the sci fi term for human beings?

Are human beings part of the ecosystem?

An ecosystem includes all living organisms living in a certain region or location. Humans are part of local ecosystems if they live, work, visit, build or otherwise affect the area in any way.Refer... Read More »

Physical Development of Human Beings?

Human physical development refers to the process by which the body of a human develops from a zygote formed when sperm fertilize an ovum. The zygote develops from one cell to billions by birth. Pre... Read More »