Why are homemade pasta noodles stuck together?

Answer The main culprit for sticky pasta is starch. Cooking pasta releases starch granules, causing sticking and clumping. Rapidly dissolving the starch alters the surface of the pasta, thereby decreasing... Read More »

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Pasta or noodles?

Depends on what I want it for. For soup, noodles. Pasta takes up too much broth in the cooking. Noodles are flat, made with egg and are thinner. Pasta is better for sauces because the shapes help r... Read More »

Who invented pasta noodles?

Pasta can be traced back to the Etruscans in about 4000 BC. It is known that the Chinese were eating noodle dishes as early as 3000 BC. Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy in the 13th century. Then T... Read More »

Can you freeze pasta noodles?

You can freeze pasta noodles for up to a few months, keeping them fresh until you are ready to eat them. Freeze-dried homemade noodles can be cooked as you would fresh noodles. If you want to cook ... Read More »

How to Store Pasta and Noodles?

Pasta is very easy to store but the storage methods do change dependent on whether the pasta is fresh or dry. Noodles are stored exactly the same way as pasta, so the instructions apply to noodles ... Read More »