How to Be Less Perverted?

Answer You have a problem with abnormal sexual desires? The majority of people experience problems with living out their sexuality for many different reasons. The term "perversion" is very subjective and ... Read More »

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I keep getting all of these weird and perverted pop ups on my computer. how do i take them off?

Do a virus scan first. Another option is to go to and click on free services. There is a feature called "house call" which is free and is a very comprehensive virus and spywar... Read More »

How do you get your brother to stop being perverted?

Is it to you!?? If yes than get a doctor.. if not than i have a brother and there is no way.. sadly

How do you deal with being called perverted names for being a redhead?

Find someone who actually appreciates a redhead. There are many many out there.If they are using that name that Lindsey Lohan got called don't worry people will forget about that soon enough.

I called a plumber and he started saying all kinds of perverted things to me?

I'll bet he also told you that after he's done doing all that, he's gonna lay some pipe ;-)