Are some guys mean to girls they like?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Some AreAccording to the BBC, some men are men to women they have feelings for in an attempt to look cool. Some men feel like being nice shows too much vulnerability, and that wom... Read More »

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Do girls really like it when guys tell them the size of there junk?

No, I personally think it's a superficial and tacky way to try to impress a girl. However, if the girl asks about it...go right ahead and tell them!

Do girls really like messing with their hair daily If they had choice, would they want short hair like guys?

i do like to do my hair every day when i get good results. Right now my hair is in an in between stage and it's very unmanageable and it does make me want to cut my hair off, but not really.

Do guys body temperature rise around girls they like?

Your body temperature (and theirs) is maintained by a system of plumbing that includes pumping more blood to the surface and sweating. These are used to cool off the body core, which must remain at... Read More »

Why do girls give their numbers when they don't pickup when yo call them?

Probaby because they were just being nice and giving you there number when they weren't really interested. They would rather ignore your calls then tell you face to face they aren't into you. Also ... Read More »