How to Set Up Guitar Pedals?

Answer Guitar pedals, sometimes called effects pedals, provide an easy and effective way to modulate your electric guitar's tone. The vast range of effects available makes it easy to get carried away and ... Read More »

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Building a Box for My Guitar Pedals?

You have a rocking electric guitar and a handful of great effect processor pedals to go with it. Now all you need is a sturdy pedalboard or pedal box so you can take your rock-rig on the road. You ... Read More »

How to Make a Box for Guitar Pedals?

Guitar pedal cases are a good idea for any guitarist who routinely uses them. A pedal case protects the pedals while they are stored and transported and makes setting up and tearing down at gigs mu... Read More »

Does underoath use guitar pedals?

Timothy McTague, lead guitarist of American hard rock band Underoath, uses a variety of effects pedals, including an Ibanez Tube Screamer (overdrive), a Line 6 DL4 (delay) and a Boss RV5 (digital r... Read More »

How to Use Guitar Distortion Pedals?

Distortion pedals have become an essential part of the rock guitar arsenal. Many jazz-fusion players and country players incorporate distortion pedals into their pallet of sounds as well. Originall... Read More »