Why are grizzly bears hunted?

Answer The large, strong grizzly bear is found in forests, mountains, valleys and near rivers in Canada, Alaska and in reserves in some Northwest American states. Grizzly bears are hunted primarily as gam... Read More »

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Do grizzly bears swim well?

Grizzly bears, like most other bears, are able to swim well naturally. They may resort to swimming when they need to cross streams, rivers and sometimes even lakes. Grizzlies also occasionally swim... Read More »

How do grizzly bears protect themselves?

The grizzly bear, one of the largest carnivorous land animals in the world, is very protective of itself and its young. Luckily, it has many different ways of defending itself when in trouble.SizeS... Read More »

How tall are grizzly bears?

Full-grown grizzly bears are between 5 and 8 feet tall (1½ to 2½ meters) and weigh about 800 pounds. (363 kg). Although they're quite large, they're also quite fast, reaching speeds up to 30 mile... Read More »

How fast do grizzly bears run?

The grizzly bear is a subspecies of the brown bear and weighs about 700 pounds fully grown. For its size, it can run fairly fast. Grizzlies have been clocked at 40 miles per hour.Source:National Wi... Read More »