Why are graphs used in economics?

Answer Many students who are new to economics become flustered when assessing a simple supply and demand graph. Despite their confusing appearance, graphs explain economics in a way that equations and wor... Read More »

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What Are Bar Graphs Used for?

Bar graphs are used to compare the relationship between two variables, usually independent and dependent, over a period of time. They are especially good for showing large changes over time of the ... Read More »

How to Find "Y" in Graphs?

Students begin learning how to graph basic math functions as early as elementary school. Graphs have an important application in mathematical functions in providing an image of two equations. This ... Read More »

How Do You Do Absolute Value Graphs?

An absolute value equation is similar to a linear equation except that the calculated value of the absolute value is never negative. The absolute value represents the distance a number is from zero... Read More »

How to Do Inequalities on Graphs?

Inequalities are mathematical sentences that indicate one expression is "greater than," "greater than or equal to," "less than" or "less than or equal to" the value of another expression. They use ... Read More »