Why are goods and services categorized in two ways?

Answer For the purpose of developing marketing strategies, particularly product planning and promotion, goods and services are categorized in two ways.

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What service would be located toward the pure services end of the goods and services continuum?

Products that are primarily services but rely on physical equipment, such as taxis, are located toward the pure services end.

How to Sell Goods and Services Online?

Creating an online revenue stream is no easy feat especially if you want to offer both goods and services.

The Effect of Taxes on Goods & Services?

Taxes have several effects on goods and services. A tax raises the cost of a good or service, which is paid either by the seller or the buyer. Taxes also affect decisions a company makes about sell... Read More »

What does the goods and services continuum enable marketers to understand?

The goods and services continuum enables marketers to see the relative goods/services composition of total products.