Is my site too lame?

Answer I'm not a fan of the Olsen twins-- personally I think it's a little irresponsible to glamorize someone with an eating disorder -- but hey, it's your site, and you're expressing yourself, and that's... Read More »

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How to Convert WAV to MP3 With Lame?

LAME is an application which encodes MP3 files. It works in conjunction with other pieces of software to produce a small MP3 file from a larger original. It can be used with Audacity to convert WAV... Read More »

How to Lame in Online Shooters?

A lamer is different from a noob, in that he plays cheaply and unfairly without cheats. This is the best guide to join the ranks!

Why is the new sesame street so lame?

I wonder that too my little bro loves that show! I feel so bad for him! :(

How to Install LAME in Audiograbber?

Audiograbber is a software program available for Windows computers that extracts or "grabs" audio from CDs and downloaded music files. The program allows you to work with and edit the audio in a v... Read More »