Why are girls always worrying about their breasts, and how they are to small?

Answer I have smaller boobs and the reason why I don't like them is because I don't feel very confident. It's like when guys compare muscles or when a guy is embarrassed about having a small penis. Also, ... Read More »

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Why do girls always talk about how they want a large penis when their vagina isnt even all that deep?

I LOOOOVE it when a guy "bottoms out" in me!

Do the Palestinian prisoners always get their medications they need for their health in Israeli Jails?

They probably get better healthcare than they would outside of an Israeli prison.

What can hospitals do to keep consumers from worrying their pretty little heads about items on invoices?

Why would customers need an invoice? Hospitals are big business in America. Everyone knows big businesses only do what is in the best interest of citizens and consumers. They are completely bene... Read More »

Why do some girls always talk trash about models or pretty girls?

Obviously Jealously?People like that need to go play in traffic