Why The markets are quick and the prices are right?

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Please tell me who who in their right mind would pay these prices?

Wow. I thought those camping out were bad. Did you see where a couple of teens attacked people camping out and waiting in line at a WalMart for the PS3, they robbed them but one guy wouldn't give... Read More »

Have i the right to cancel my sky account as they have put there prices up?

When I lived in the UK my contract stated that reserve the right to increase the monthly subscription , and the contract was for 2 years then .

Are propane prices tied in with gasoline prices?

Propane gas prices are tied to gasoline prices because both fuels come from crude oil and are in direct competition with each other, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.References... Read More »

Why do bond prices go up when stock prices fall?

Stocks and bonds are competing investments that attract different classes of investors. Because of corporate structure, bonds offer less risk, while stocks are associated with greater profit potent... Read More »