How many footballs are used in an NFL game?

Answer Each NFL home team is required to prepare 36 footballs for outdoor conditions or 24 footballs for indoor fields. The league also requires 12 new footballs, sealed and shipped directly from the manu... Read More »

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Who makes NFL footballs?

The official footballs for the National Football League (NFL) are made by Wilson. The company has manufactured the official game ball for the NFL since 1941, producing four models as of 2010.Source... Read More »

Where are footballs for the NFL made?

The National Football League (NFL) is the only major American sports league whose balls are manufactured in the United States. Wilson Sports has been manufacturing NFL balls since 1969 at a factory... Read More »

Are NFL footballs heated?

NFL footballs are not allowed to be doctored, and that includes heating. A 1994 directive from Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, responding to kickers baking game balls to make them more pliant, bans al... Read More »

How many footballs are required for each NFL game?

The NFL requires that the home team make available 36 balls for outdoor games and 24 balls for indoor games. Additionally, 12 new balls in a sealed box directly from the manufacturer are required ... Read More »