Why are food chains usually only 3 or 4 steps long?

Answer The food chain is a breakdown of how nature works in terms of what animals eat and the correlation of how energy moves through stages of life.The Food ChainThe food chain is always broken down into... Read More »

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The Concept of Food Chains & Food Webs?

Food chains and food webs are conceptualized around how each living thing gets the nutrients it needs to survive. Chains always start with plants and end with animals, while webs do not have true b... Read More »

Your period is usually 5-7 days but for the past 3 months they have been only 1-2 days long occasionally you feel nausea am i pregnant?

Answer Dear Reader; Probably not but you will want to know what is making you feel that way. See your health care provider. Dwight

You had unprotected sex a week ago today and your period was only two days long It's usually 4 to 5 days you took a home pregnancy test but it was negative could you still be pregnant?

Answer It is very unlikely that you are pregnant. When women want very much to become pregnant, or are very afraid that they might be, they often experience pregnancy-related symptoms. The worry i... Read More »

What is a producer in food chains?

A producer in a food chain refers to plants, which make their own food. The classic model of a food chain consists of producers at the bottom, herbivores or plant-eating organisms at the next level... Read More »