Why are foam cakes baked in ungreased pans?

Answer Foam cakes are based on an egg white foam. Sponge cake is perhaps the best-known foam cake. Angel food and chiffon cakes are two other common types. In order for these cakes to rise, the cake pans ... Read More »

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Can you make cakes with springform pans?

Yes, you can make a variety of cakes in a springform pan with excellent results. You may need to adjust the recipe ingredients and how high you fill the pan. Just check a cake pan size conversion c... Read More »

Are there cake pans that can make lots of cakes at once?

You can use a cupcake pan to make many small cakes at once. Many cupcake pans will make six or 12 individual cakes. A sheet cake pan will make the largest dimensional cake and feed the most people.... Read More »

How do I remove baked-on food from stainless steel pans?

Prepare the PanFill the pan with enough lukewarm, soapy water to cover the burnt on mess and allow the pan to sit for an hour. Move the pan to the stove and turn the burner on high. Bring the water... Read More »

Is giving home baked pies or cakes as a gift, cheap?

Cakes and pies make wonderful gifts. Make it something delicious but also a bit unusual or decadent. You don't want to give a plain chocolate cake with store bought icing though. Put a little lo... Read More »