Why are fluorescent light bulbs hazardous?

Answer Under normal circumstances, compact fluorescent light bulbs do not pose a danger. However, they do contain a small amount of mercury, which is a very hazardous chemical. Therefore, a broken fluores... Read More »

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Why are fluorescent light bulbs hazardous waste?

Fluorescent light bulbs are hazardous waste because they contain mercury, which is considered hazardous because it is an element that holds no nutritional value for humans and can be poisonous if i... Read More »

What are the disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs over incandescent light bulbs?

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is the issue of disposing of the fluorescent bulbs after they burn out. The fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury vapor so dumping them in a landfill... Read More »

Fluorescent Light Bulbs Compared to Incandescent Light Bulbs?

The feud between incandescent and fluorescent light actually started at their inception--around the same time that Thomas Edison started his company, General Electric. Nikola Tesla (a former employ... Read More »

What is the difference between fluorescent light bulbs&regular light bulbs?

Regular light bulbs, also known as incandescent bulbs, have been used for decades in homes and other buildings. Fluorescent light bulbs use newer technology to provide the same light but use less e... Read More »