Why are flowers white?

Answer Well first of all, only white flowers are white. Red ones are red for instance. But a white flower is one with no pigmentation, therefore they reflect the full light spectrum, which we see as white.

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How to Make a Bouquet of Colourful Flowers out of Plain White Flowers?

This article shows you how to make beautiful and vibrant coloured flowers out of boring plain white flowers.

Do white hyacinth bulbs bear white flowers?

Hyacinth bulbs can appear lavender or cream-colored but there is no correlation between the color of the bulb itself and the color of the flower that blooms. Hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) in co... Read More »

List of White Flowers?

During the spring, summer and autumn, our native and introduced white flower species burst forth into blossom. Some prefer the cool moist microclimate of a woodland, while others fare best in dry s... Read More »

White Gerber Flowers?

Gerber flowers, also called daisies or gerbera daisies, come in many colors, including the classic large, white daisies. They can grow outdoors in gardens or in pots, both indoors and out. Gardener... Read More »