Why are floppy discs so called, when they aren't floppy at all?

Answer If you soak them in water for three years then they do become floppy, that's why.

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How to Copy 3.5 Floppy Discs?

Floppy disks began to fall out of favor with computer owners in the late 1990s, as recordable optical discs and flash media started to become more affordable. However, you may still have floppy dis... Read More »

When were floppy discs created?

Floppy disks were invented in 1967 by IBM. These disks were created as an alternative storage device to hard drives, which were very expensive at the time. Today, the floppy disk has been replaced ... Read More »

How do I discard floppy discs?

DegaussDegauss the floppy discs to erase them. Degaussing is the application of a rapidly reversing magnetic field to wipe out the data stored on a tape or disk. Professional degaussing equipment ... Read More »

Do people still use 3 and a half inch floppy discs?

Yes, there are a few people who still use it but most modern computers don't come with built in floppy drives anymore. And it's becoming harder to get external floppy drives. Floppy disks are an ... Read More »